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BootDisk2BootStick creates floppy or USB drive startup disks
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BootDisk2BootStick is a program to create floppy or USB drive startup disks. This small program is able to create a bootable floppy disk, that can be used to start your system. This disk will come in useful when you need to start up your computer when your hard drive is unformatted, or if you suffer a hardware failure. It can also be used to format a new disk in a new PC, and start the CD-ROM that will install the operating system.

While you create a floppy, the program will make a floppy disk image, that you can save anywhere in your hard disk. This floppy image can later be used to generate another floppy disk. This process will relieve you from carrying bootable floppy disks everywhere, that usually fail due to defective media, dust, fingerprints, moisture or magnetization. You will be generating fresh floppy disks, that will surely work. You can also use that image to generate a bootable USB drive, using BootDisk2BootStick. All content will be erased, and the USB drive will become formatted as if it were a floppy disk. To recover the full space of your USB drive you will have to reformat it.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a tiny, free and handy utility to create bootable floppies or USB drives


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